Continental EcoContact 5

If you drive a Volkswagen Tiguan in this size, this is your tyre. Developed in collaboration with VW for optimal handling, braking, quietness and fuel economy for that vehicle.
Volkswagen Tiguan

Original Fitment: Volkswagen Tiguan

Continental EcoContact5
Includes shipping, fitting and balancing

Efficient safety. Confident drivability. A sustainable choice made easy.

Continental sees the future as one of sustainable mobility.  Safe fuel efficiency is a core requirement for development across their entire product range.  The EcoContact 5 was developed in close co-operation with Europe’s leading car manufacturers, for low rolling resistance and high levels of braking safety.


Very good highway handling

Additional bead reinforcements ensure safer and more direct transmission of lateral steering forces, for better control on wet and dry roads.

Excellent wet grip

Silica tread compound works with the asymmetric tread design to improve grip in the wet and deliver very short braking distances.

Quiet and comfortable

Asymmetric tread design ensures quiet running, and tread construction is designed to minimise irregular wear for enduring ride comfort and driving pleasure.

Fuel-efficient design

Newly developed tread compound and improved tyre construction lowers rolling resistance for effective reduction in fuel consumption.

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