Off-limits terrain? There is no such thing.

Born in the USA over 100 years ago, the General Tire brand is synonymous with the freedom to explore. Whether your adventure is far off the beaten track or a little closer to the urban environment, General is determined to prove there are no limits to where you can head. And with their unique pattern designs and longstanding attention to exceptional product performance, you can count on General to get you there in style.

General Tire’s products are backed up by exceptional American quality with an ongoing focus on product development so wherever you go, you can depend on General Tire for exceptional grip and remarkable longevity.

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100 years of building high quality tyres has taught General a thing or two. General’s SUV tyre range is outstanding for both handling and longevity, as well as packed full of innovative features such as vehicle alignment and tyre wear indicators.

Long known for their very high standards of product performance, General develops their products at their original base in Uvalde, Texas, and manufactures their product across both Europe and the USA.

Whether you’re in town or heading out to skifield roads or further afield, if you crave adventure, choose General Tire.


Some tyres go wherever they please. Honed from a long history of racing involvement, General’s legendary off-road tyres bring together myriad technologies for a range of tyres that truly proves that Anywhere is Possible.

With their incredibly tough and super grippy tyre range, General’s off-road range is ready to get you through the deepest mud or snow, with a style that complements your 4x4 and sets it apart from the pack.

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General Tires are developed and tested in one of the harshest environments possible - at General's test facility in Uvalde, Texas.  

The first tracks in Uvalde were built in 1959.  Originally built with a focus on testing passenger car mileage, they now include a track for commercial vehicle tyres, rubble tracks for 4x4 tyres, and sections similar to the tracks in quarries.

With the warm Texan climate allowing year round testing, the Uvalde test facility now sees around 5 million test kilometres a year, wearing out around 20,000 tyres in the process – and providing essential input into the development of safer and longer lasting tyres.


The General Tire brand was born in Ohio on 29th September, 1915.  General Tire‘s core values are reliability, performance and its long standing American Heritage. For over 100 years General Tire has delivered tyres to go harder, grip better and last longer.  

Part of the Continental group since 1987, General is now a global brand with manufacturing facilities in both the USA and Europe.  As they say, "At General Tire we believe that ANYWHERE IS POSSIBLE. With General Tire the boundaries are limitless and fear has no meaning!"

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Whatever your requirements, you can trust General Tire to deliver quality, value and performance