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We're on a mission to deliver real value for New Zealand drivers by matching you with the right tyre for your needs. And whether your favourite mode of transport is a car, an SUV, an off-road 4x4, a delivery van, a tractor, or a dump truck, we have a tyre for you.

Why Tyre Hub

The right tyres for you

Yep, there's lot of differences in the tyres you can buy. But you shouldn’t need to become a technical expert just to get something that suits your vehicle. Whether you’re looking instore or online, we have a team of experts dedicated to finding the right product for your needs and we’re here to take your purchase stress away with a recommendation that works for you.

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Why Tyre Hub

Curated by us, for us

Our products are chosen by New Zealanders, for New Zealanders. We only offer tyres that we know will work in our conditions, whether in challenging highway situations or hard-working off-road applications.

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Why Tyre Hub

Honest value

There’s a lot of tyres out there and it can be pretty difficult to know what’s what. We’ve built our site to help you find what you need without breaking the bank, with a range that’s been curated to offer genuine, hard-working value as well as ongoing reliability, regardless of what sort of application you’re working in.

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