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Global leader in special purpose tyres.

For heavy tyres, there’s no such thing as an easy job. From forests to farms, from mines to harbours and factories – heavy commercial situations put tyres to the test in the most extreme way imaginable. And no one knows this more than Nokian, the acknowledged global leader in special purpose tyres.

Nokian excels in developing tyres that make work easier. Each tyre pattern is developed by the design team working closely in the industry it is designed to serve to ensure tyres that stand up to the most extreme of demands, day after day.

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Built to banish downtime.

There is a reason Nokian is considered the world leader in Forestry tyres, a status they have held for decades. 

Any disruption to operations can be costly. Nokian understands the business environment is as tough and unforgiving and the landscape it operates in. Constant innovation has led to the most technologically advanced solution there is, with every detail designed and machine manufactured to one end:  to eliminate downtime as far as possible. 

Designed to keep moving in the worst of conditions.

Forestry is an unforgiving environment if you go unprepared. You’ll need tyres that simply work – whatever nature throws at you. Nokian works closely with the world’s leading forestry machine manufacturers to develop tyres that work in the most rugged of conditions.

In fact, as they say: “At Nokian Heavy Tyres, we innovate, test and retest for one single purpose: to help you get more done. More hours, more grip, more load. Even in the worst of conditions. That’s why knowing your job makes us better at ours. And that’s why you can always count on Nokian tyres for getting the job done.”

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Masters of the Forest.

Headquartered in Finland, Europe's most heavily-forested country, Nokian's product development teams travel around the world to see the tyres in action on site.


Proven tyre solutions for the heaviest of industry.

Nokian starts their product development where every tyre manufacturer should: in the field where their product will eventually be used. And their research and discovery isn’t just close by to their Finnish headquarters - they’re frequent visitors to New Zealand to see for themselves whether their product is truly delivering for its customers.

As Nokian themselves say, “Each product is developed with true passion for improvement and by closely listening to the needs of our customers. You don’t become the world’s leading special tyre manufacturer any other way.”

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