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High Quality, High Performance

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High Quality, High Performance

Hifly specialise in making dependable car and SUV tyres available for all motorists.

With one of the largest ranges of tyres in New Zealand, they have a tyre for most vehicles.  When you choose a Hifly tyre you can be confident you’re getting a superior performing tyre when compared to other similarly-priced options.

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When you choose a Hifly tyre you can be confident you're getting a superior performing tyre.

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Insist on dependable quality.

Hifly’s focus on dependable product performance has seen them develop to a brand with a very large range of town and city tyres, as well as a selection of 4x4 and commercial tyres.

Produced by one of the fastest growing tyre manufacturers in China, Hifly delivers cost-effective quality with significantly superior performance when compared with competitor brands in the same market space.

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What could 11 metres mean for you?

The Hifly HF201 has been recommended by Consumer NZ, where its average wet braking distance was proven to be 11m shorter at 80 km/hr than a competitor product.

As Consumer themselves noted, that’s easily the difference between stopping safely and having a serious motor accident.

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