Vredestein Tractor 2000x730 v2

Transform your tractor's performance

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Tyres to help you get the best from your tractor.

Vredestein tyres are designed to help you get more from your tractors and machinery. Every detail of their design has been engineered for efficiency - for more traction, reduced fuel usage, greater operator comfort, less soil compaction, and longer tread life.

If you’re facing increasing cost pressures in your business, you’ll be surprised at the difference that the right choice of tyre can make to your operating efficiency.

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Traction comfort zones

Better grip, more comfortable ride

Vredestein's Traxion tyre design has dual zones for better grip in the paddock and more comfortable riding on the road.

In the field the Traction Zone delivers maximum grip – which means less time on the job and lower operating costs.  While on hard surfaces, the “comfort zone”  gives a smooth contact patch on the road - which means more comfortable running and less machinery vibration and wear.

unbeatable traction

Go further with unbeatable traction.

Vredestein tyres clear mud when other tyres collect it. This means you get further with less wheel spin - meaning less fuel and less time required to cover the same amount of ground.

It also means you can get more grip in muddy conditions when other tyres slip and slide - meaning you can go further in mud and enjoy safer operation on challenging slopes.


Reduce your costs with longer tyre life

Vredestein tyres have been repeatedly proven to last significantly longer when compared in the same conditions and on the same type of tractor as similarly-priced competitors.  This is in large part due to the continuous contact lug design, which significantly reduces friction and consequently tyre wear.  This adds up to serious savings for an agricultural operation - with not only less frequent tyre purchases, but also less inconvenience and downtime.

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Protect Plants 2000
Protect your plants and soil.

Vredestein tyres help protect your soil and plants from damage under heavy machinery with a larger tread contact area to spread the load more evenly.

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Designed to meet the needs of serious agricultural operators

While delivering outstanding traction and minimal slippage in the field, the Traxion range also offers optimal speed and safety on the road, as well as even tyre wear. All of these features, plus the long lifespan of Vredestein tyres, are what sets Vredestein apart.

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