How to find your tyre size

You can find the car manufacturer’s recommended original size on a plate on the vehicle – this is usually on the driver’s door or door pillar, but could also be on the back of the fuel filler door, under the bonnet or in the glovebox compartment. If your car’s wheels are a different size to the ones that it came from the factory on, then the tyre size that was originally recommended by the manufacturer might no longer fit the vehicle. Instead you can check the size of the tyres that are on the car – the size is shown on the side of the tyre as shown in the diagrams below.

  1. Width

    You're looking for a three digit number e.g. 205

  2. Profile

    Followed by a two digit number e.g. 55

  3. Rim Size

    The rim size is shown next to an 'R' e.g. R16

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