Continental ComfortContact 6

Special 'harmonic comfort chambers' dampen any road noise so no muttering about the mother-in-law under your breath. You'll be heard. A super comfortable tyre that combines exceptional grip with exceptional tread life.
Continental ComfortContact6

This product has been discontinued… but not to worry, we can help you find an appropriate replacement.

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All Round Performer

Designed for driving pleasure, the ComfortContact 6 offers a comfortable, quiet driving experience and delivers value through improved tread life.

Continental ComfortContact6
  • Extra Quiet

    Harmonic comfort chambers moulded into the tread pattern for a quieter ride. Based on the ‘Helmholtz Resonator’ principle for dampening sound frequencies, in-tread noise cancellers are moulded into the tyre tread pattern to cancel unpleasant noise frequencies between the road and the tyre.

    Harmonic comfort chamers Continental ComfortContact6
  • Reduced noise level

    "0" dB-Eaters are uniquely shaped in-groove elements designed to split and diffuse noise waves for lower road noise. To ensure a quieter ride, they break up noise waves travelling in the tread grooves to reduce the sound-level measured in decibels (dB).

    0db noise eater Continental ComfortContact6
  • Comfortable relaxed ride

    Road surfaces can vary enormously on a single journey and the Comfort Contact 6’s whisper compound is built to deliver comfort on every ride. This compound meshes closely with the road surface, allowing the tread to absorb and dampen vibrations for a smoother ride.

    whisper chambers Continental ComfortContact6