Continental CrossContact LX Sport

Take control on the highway. And a little beyond. From the masters of SUV performance, the CrossContact LX Sport is most often found as Land Rover original equipment.
Continental CrossContactLXSport

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Arrive in style. Depart with confidence. Designed for the best of SUV performance.

Take control on the highway. And a little beyond. Designed for quiet and comfortable highway running along with excellent acceleration and braking.

SUV performance

Stiff centre tread blocks for responsive acceleration and handling-optimised shoulder design for confident cornering and stability.

Comfortable driving

Asymmetric tread pattern blends performance and comfort for smooth, quiet highway running and pleasant passenger comfort.

Excellent wet braking

Braking-optimised tread pattern with a very high number of blocks and sipes and wide channels for water drainage, for excellent hydroplaning resistance.

Multi-surface traction

All-season block tread pattern design delivers very good grip on the highway as well as in light off-road conditions and in light snow.

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