Continental CrossContact UHP

We like this tyre for its ability to keep the driver in control at speed. As you'd expect from Continental, the grip and breaking ability is very good, no matter the conditions.
Continental CrossContactUHP

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Arrive in style. Depart with confidence. Designed for the best of SUV performance.

Fitted to a large number of the world’s leading high performance SUV brands, providing exceptional cornering and exhilarating drivability.

Sports performance

Tread pattern design with solid shoulder blocks interlinked with the main tread ribs for exceptional steering precision, cornering stability, grip and braking.

Adaptive tread

Bionic Contour tread widens footprint under dynamic load increases and hard cornering, for shorter braking distances and excellent cornering stability.

Excellent wet braking

Asymmetric tread drains water quickly and the advanced silica tread compound lowers rolling resistance and improves wet braking performance.

Quiet running

Steep centre rib grooves reduce road noise and zig zag grooves break up sound waves for the super quiet running expected of a premium SUV.

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