Continental EcoContact 3

A super fuel-efficient tyre that concedes nothing in safety and reliability is a big ask. Continental delivers with the EcoContact 3. Original fitment on a wide range of vehicles.
Continental EcoContact3

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Efficient safety. Confident drivability. A sustainable choice made easy.

Safety and efficiency combine in the EcoContact 3, which was developed in close co-operation with leading car manufacturers.

Efficient fuel usage

Bionic tread contour ensures optimal ground contact when cornering and low rolling resistance during straight running, for lowered fuel usage.

Reduced braking distances

Asymmetric tread design and flexible silica tread compound ensure a strong surface connection for short braking distances on both wet and dry roads.

Good wet handling

Extra grip edges and incisions on the outside tyre shoulder provide multiple gripping edges for additional traction, especially during wet cornering.

Quiet running

Asymmetric tread design optimised for a quiet and comfortable ride, for safe and pleasurable highway running.

Tyre sizes available

14" rim