Continental Hybrid HT3

Continental Hybrid HT3 v2

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A Hybrid with Heaps of Range

It’s called an advanced application-optimised tread compound.  What it does is react to the road surface to reduce the rolling existence and prolong the tyre life.  And it works.  Which is really, really great news if you want really great returns.

Continental Hybrid HT3
  • Designed For Here

    Unlike most tyres, the Hybrid HT3 wasn’t designed for smooth European roads. It was designed for transporting heavy goods with high loads on roads just like ours. That’s pretty reassuring.

    Hybrid HT3 tread Continental Hybrid HT3
  • Designed for Less Friction

    The fancy polymers in the rolling resistance compound in this tyre have incredible flexibility in them. That flexibility reduces friction for a more economical drive between fuel stops.

    Hybrid HT3 compound Continental Hybrid HT3
  • Designed to Keep Going

    Continental has dialled the pattern volume up, narrowing the groove widths to increase wear resistance and adding extra longevity to the tyre life.

    Hybrid HT3 regrooving Continental Hybrid HT3

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