Continental PremiumContact 5

Begin with low rolling resistance, add a braking optimised silica compound for decisive handling and control...and you get a touring tyre from the German experts that rolls sweetly and stops sharply.
Continental PremiumContact5

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A new level of premium ride comfort and handling, enhanced by German technology.

The PremiumContact 5 has been developed to react to your driving, for perfect handling performance and outstanding grip on the road.

Outstanding driving performance

Superb steering response with pattern design features derived from the ContiSportContact® 5 range for exceptional grip and handling.

Comfortable driving

Designed primarily as a luxury touring tyre, the PremiumContact 5’s advanced casing design delivers an extremely quiet and comfortable ride.

Excellent wet braking

Braking-optimised silica tread compound for grip in both wet and dry conditions and asymmetric tread compound means shorter stopping distances to keep you safe.

Low rolling resistance

The PremiumContact 5 features a fuel-efficient silica tread compound that takes in technology from the ContiEcoContact® 5 range for economical running.

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