Continental SportContact 5

If you drive a Porsche Macan, choose this tyre for optimal performance. Developed in collaboration with the vehicle manufacturer for optimal handling, braking, quietness and fuel economy.
Porsche Macan

Original Fitment: Porsche Macan

Continental SportContact5
Includes shipping, fitting and balancing

Performance expertise in a range that is worthy of every premium vehicle brand.

Extremely fast. Even when braking. The super-sports tyre with superior handling for maximum fun. Outstanding control for safety in all conditions.

Exceptional road grip and handling

Adaptive tread compound and maximised contact patch means precision steering and improved grip and handling for thrilling acceleration and cornering.

Shorter braking distances

"Black Chilli" tread compound with activated silica technology and grip-optimised tread pattern for super-fast braking on both dry and wet roads.

Advanced tread technology

The SportContact 5’s tyre composition ensures considerably reduced rolling resistance for higher mileage and reduced fuel consumption.