Continental UltraContact 6

150 years of German tyre technology and breakthrough long chain polymer blend developments for longer tyre life deliver exceptional grip and exceptional tread life. You won't be disappointed.
Continental UltraContact6

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World-leading tyre technology

The Ultra Contact 6 includes game-changing technology to deliver exceptional tread life without compromising its safety or handling.

Continental UltraContact6
  • Drive confident in the rain

    In the wet, your grip depends on how much water sits between your tyre and the road. Continental’s “Drainpipe” technology channels water away from the centre of the tyre to clear water away faster for better grip. It’s a patented innovation and you won’t find it on any other tyre in the market.

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  • More rubber on the road

    Look up close and you’ll find the tread block edges are “Champhered” - that is, cut away at an angle. In tech terms it helps prevent tread distortion at high speeds, but we’ll just keep it brief and say it means more rubber on the road which means more confident braking in both wet and dry.

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  • Safety isn't a compromise any more.

    This is where the Continental Ultra Contact 6 outshines pretty much anything in its previous generations. Because safer grip used to mean short wear. This tyre has a blend of “longchain polymers” which act like reinforcing and mean the tyre lasts super well without compromising on grip. Safety just got a whole lot more accessible for everyone.

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Tyre sizes available

17" rim

18" rim