Continental VancoCamper

Your motorhome will appreciate this specially designed tyre from Continental. It's extra stable for rear-heavy motorhomes and has added durability for the rough surfaces of camping spots.
Continental VancoCamper

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Get away from everything - including punctures!

The VancoCamper is one of only a handful of tyres designed specifically for motorhomes and for our money, it’s the best.  It’s engineered for heavy loads on rough grounds, so you can pull off the road and spend a night in the best spots.

Extra Stability

Rear heavy campervans are known to move around and it can be a little frightening for inexperienced drivers.  The VancoCamper has a strengthened construction to reduce sensitivity to heavy loads.

Extra Safety

Enjoy a safe holiday with a tyre that boats shorter braking distances and confident handling on a variety of road surfaces.

Extra Sipes

Continental has added extra sipes to provide more evacuation channels for water.  This effect is class-leading wet handling in case Mother Nature decides to disrupt your holiday plans.  

Tyre sizes available

15" rim

16" rim