Maxxis MT764 Bighorn MT

A tyre that simply loves the dirt and mud. This is that extra tough tyre and feels naked without a thick layer of mud on its sidewalls. Search for the dirt and then drive into it, through it and out the other side.
Maxxis MT764 v5

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Maxxis MT764
  • Superb off-road traction

    “Eagle-claw” dual-stage tread design for extra bite and special purpose mud and stone ejector lugs mean enhanced self-cleaning and reduced risk of stone penetration. The MT764 excels in the muddiest conditions.

    MT764 Parallax1 Maxxis MT764
  • Heavy duty construction

    Super-strong reinforced casing construction with extra nylon cap ply for outstanding durability in tough applications. Selected sizes have a triple sidewall for additional puncture protection.

    MT764 Parallax2 Maxxis MT764
  • Extra damage and puncture resistance

    ‘G’-shaped buttress reinforcements with stone eliminators help to repel sharp objects for increased puncture protection.

    MT764 Parallax3 Maxxis MT764