Maxxis UE168N

For van and trailer fitments, this one is an NZ classic with an extra tough sidewall, good wet grip and a reputation for durability. Great value and long tread life.
Maxxis UE168N

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Maxxis UE168N
  • All season tread

    All season commercial van tyre offers the ideal balance of safety and durability.

    UE168 Parallax 1 Maxxis UE168N
  • Extra tough sidewall

    Super-tough sidewall resists damaged while delivering responsive handling and performance under demanding commercial applications.

    UE168 Parallax 2 Maxxis UE168N
  • Very even wearing

    Tread wears square for longlasting value and stable driving.

    UE168 Parallax 3 Maxxis UE168N

Tyre sizes available

15" rim