Maxxis VS5 SUV Victra

A touch of European class from Maxxis. Developed for the driver who values a refined highway experience and seriously capable handling, this tyre is at its best in smooth highway applications.
Standard option
Maxxis VS5 v2
Includes shipping, fitting and balancing
Maxxis VS5 v2
  • All-round better

    Developed with new materials and construction methods to improve dry and wet handling performance without compromising good wear performance.

    VS5 Parallax 1 v2 Maxxis VS5 v2
  • Stands up to a more comfortable ride

    New body ply for extra flex and extra rolling comfort, and with the added bonus of reduced tyre weight and therefore improved fuel efficiency.

    VS5 Parallax 2 v2 Maxxis VS5 v2
  • Stops faster, wears slower

    3D chamfers on the tread blocks to reduce tread roll-in and prevent tread deformation under braking, for faster stopping and slower wear.

    VS5 Parallax 3 v2 Maxxis VS5 v2