Starmaxx Flotation SMF18

Taking heavy loads over soft surfaces, this flotation tyre does what you'd expect from the name… and it does it very well. A tough-as giant that dances like a butterfly.
Starmaxx SMF18

This product has been discontinued… but not to worry, we can help you find an appropriate replacement.

  1. High traction flotation tyre

    Tread designed to carry heavy loads on soft surfaces.

  2. Long lasting

    Durable nylon carcass structure for long wear.

  3. Damage-resistant tread

    Special tread design for resistance against cuts and tread damage.

  4. Resists side impacts

    Strong tyre carcass and reinforced sidewalls to absorb impacts and resist damage.

  5. High load capacity

    Tread structure and shoulder construction designed for heavy load capability.

  6. High performance

    Tread designed to prevent sideways sliding.