What to look for when buying farm implement tyres

We see them hard at work in the field, but until you come to buy them you might not be aware of the vast array of options available.  Here's some things to keep in mind when you're buying farm implement tyres:

  1. Confident in the wet

    Siping in the tread blocks and wide circumferential grooves mean confident handling in wet conditions.

  2. Low soil compaction

    The better the implement weight is spread and the lower the tyre pressure, the less plant and soil damage you're going to get.

  3. Load Capacity

    Some of today's implements are pretty massive - not to mention a loaded up sileage wagon. Find out what load capacity the tyre is rated for.

  4. Turf friendly

    If your implement is going to be towed, run with a pattern that's kind to the turf and doesn't grip into the ground too much. The more power it takes to tow, the more fuel you'll use.

  5. Damage resistance

    If you're on stony soil, look for a tyre that stands up to the knocks and keeps on going. Poorly constructed tyres are at higher risk of punctures and premature failure.

  6. Consider Radial construction

    A must for the larger implement fitments out there. Radial tyres spread the weight better and allow you to carry more load at lower pressures - a key factor to keeping your soil healthy.

Farm implement 1200x650
Better impact resistance will mean longer tyre life