What to look for when buying van tyres

We trust them to take almost anything from A to B...  but behind what can look like a pretty basic vehicle there's a lot of technology.  Van tyres need to stand up to heavy loads, handle safely under light loads, keep everything stable in a vehicle with a high centre of gravity, and stand up to either long hauls or multiple stops... or sometimes both.  Here's a handy checklist for when you're buying van tyres.

Load Capacity

Make sure the load capacity is up to the job - it needs to be able to take its share of the total laden weight of the van. Load indexes

If you have dual tyre fitments, remember that a tyre's load capacity is usually slightly less when fitted as a dual tyre than if there was just one tyre each side of the axle. This is usually shown as a second load rating after the slash on a tyre label, e.g. 106/104R.

Highway Handling

Handling and braking under load is very different to handling and braking with an empty van. Look for good handling and braking capability and good wet grip ratings.

Reliable Treadwear

Running under heavy loads, or doing a lot of stopping and starting will wear tyres faster. If your van is doing a lot of kms, investing in tyres that balance high levels of safety with good wear will pay off quickly.

Low Rolling Resistance

an tyres with a low rolling resistance can help reduce fuel costs - which is great for any vehicle but can make a significant difference to your bottom line when you're running the vehicle all day.

Van Tyres
Van Tyres generally have to deal with long miles under load, or frequent stops, or both.