Continental UltraContact UC7

Continental has upped the game for everyone with a tyre that delivers safety and longevity at unbelievable levels. The amazing performance is also acoustically balanced for a genuinely remarkable driving experience.
Standard option
Continental UltraContact UC7
Includes shipping, fitting and balancing
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It’s Great at Everything

It’s like the annoying kid at school who is good at everything. Except it’s a tyre and you’ll like this because it really is great at everything. It’ll keep you in control and safe even on the most challenging roads.

Continental UltraContact UC7
  • Great in the wet

    Continental has carefully placed water evacuation routes in the tread. It keeps the wet stuff away from the rubber for constant grip, even as the skies open.

    UC7 aquachannel v3 Continental UltraContact UC7
  • Great at being quiet

    Think headphone style active noise cancelling for your tyres. Because the Noise Breakers in the tread grooves do exactly the same thing, actively breaking up sound before it reaches the cabin.

    UC7 acoustic v3 Continental UltraContact UC7
  • Great at lasting

    Continental’s Diamond Compound is a real gem. A unique silica and resin combination balances comfort, grip and wear resistance for a satisfyingly long-lasting performance.

    UC7 diamond compound v3 Continental UltraContact UC7