Continental VanContact 100

From the masters of van tyres who work with Mercedes Benz, VW, Iveco, Fiat and Ford on original equipment. Safe and stable. Fuel efficient. Very long lasting. Our all-round van tyre hero.
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter | Volkswagen Crafter (8PR)

Original Fitment: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter | Volkswagen Crafter

Continental VanContact100
Includes shipping, fitting and balancing

Stands up to every demand. Every day. The Continental light commercial range.

Safety and efficiency combine in the VanContact 100, which has been designed to meet all the demands of modern light commercial vehicles.

Exceptionally long-lasting

Designed for thousands of kilometers of trouble-free running, with a tread compound that has been optimised for both safety and extremely long tread wear.

High safety reserve for heavy loads

Robust carcass construction and reinforced sidewalls mean a particularly high load-carrying capability with a high level of driving stability.

Durable tread design

Stone ejectors in the tread grooves help to prevent punctures from stones working their way in, and a 3D scuff rib on the sidewall protects against curb abrasion.

Wide tread footprint

The flat contour of the tyre ensures a larger contact area with the ground and evenly spread weight distribution, for extra ride stability and reduced tread wear.

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