Continental Vancontact Ultra

As reliable as your favourite employee, this is a tyre that lasts for years and goes about its business in a no-fuss way. Expect a long-lasting performance.
Continental VanContact Ultra
Includes shipping, fitting and balancing
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This could be the start of a beautiful friendship

You’ll get very comfortable with the VanContactUltra, not just because it’s a very comfortable tyre but also because it will stick with you for a long time. Continental has made certain with that with an ultra durable compound made specifically for vans.

Continental VanContact ultra
  • Extra Protection

    Continental has piled on the rubber thickness and added a scuff rib. That sidewall is properly strong and more stable than the lads’ front row.

    VanContact ultra sidewall Continental VanContact ultra
  • Extra Savings

    They’re called functional polymers. All you need to remember is they reduce the rolling resistance for bigger gaps between diesel stops. And they help slow down wear and keep you safe. Functional can be exciting too then!

    VanContact ultra rolling resistance Continental VanContact ultra
  • Extra Long Lasting

    A new tread pattern resists wear to boost what we (and many others) already considered to be the longest lasting van tyre. The secret is a new closed pattern design for a larger contact patch, reducing specific spot wear.

    VanContact ultra mileage reduced noise Continental VanContact ultra