Maxxis M8060 Trepador

A founder member of the so-called 'TrepNation' - this is a tyre for the professionals or the extremely enthusiastic off-roader. For extreme mud traction... well... just extreme traction, this is the tyre.
Maxxis M8060 Bias

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Extreme Off-Road

Designed to go anywhere you want to head, the M8060 shines in competition and extreme off-road conditions.

Exceptional offroad performance

Born from Maxxis’ long experience in off-road racing.  Directional tread pattern selfclears to keep moving forward in the muddiest of conditions.

Extremely tough construction

Extra nylon cap ply to resist punctures and wraparound shoulder blocks for extra protection. Bias ply construction in some sizes for immense strength and outstanding durability.

Flexible multisurface capability

Bias ply construction in some sizes means ultra flexible deforming capability to bend over rocks and deep ruts for  maximum traction.  Nylon cap ply in all sizes for extra strength vs weight.

Good road handling

Tread block arrangement designed to form a uniform tread contact area for surefooted handling. Siped centre blocks for better handling on wet roads. (Note that bias ply sizes are speed rated to 120 km/hr.)