Vitora Worklife

For van and trailer fitments. Designed primarily as a low upfront cost option, it gets on and does the job with a robust and fuel-efficient tread design.
Vitora WorkLife

Available in a range of sizes and prices


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Light commercial radial in a range of van tyre sizes, with robust construction and a modern lower rolling resistance tread design.
  1. Robust construction

    Tyre carcass designed to stand up to heavy loads in commercial situations.

  2. Durable tread design

    Tie bars between blocks to limit tread movement for resilient handling.

  3. Lower rolling resistance

    Closely spaced tread elements and conjoined tread blocks lower rolling resistance for more economical running.

  4. Longer tread life

    Additional cooling slots in the shoulder blocks improve heat dissipation, for longer tyre life.