Maxxis HT780 Razr HT

The rebel for the Road. The HT780 defies all expectations of a Highway 4x4 and ute tyre.
Standard option
Maxxis HT780 Rzr
Includes shipping, fitting and balancing

This is no Ordinary Highway Tyre

This a tyre from the renowned RAZR range from Maxxis.  You can expect toughness and the type of unrelenting grip that has made the RAZR family famous with the New Zealand 4x4 community.  There are no road conditions this outlaw cannot handle.

The Razr rebel is piled up with strength and resistance.  It’ll take every knock possible and carry on with a gripping, lasting performance.  Choose this tyre to level up your highway life.  

HT780 closeup
Maxxis HT780 v2
  • Stay Silent

    This rebel won’t yell. Maxxis Optim-Tech is an advanced pitch arrangement technology that keeps the Highwayman always in stealth mode.

    Parallax file silent tread Maxxis HT780 v2
  • Stay in Control

    A new compound in the sidewalls absorbs vibrations, while the newly developed carcass ply improves steering precision. This rebel might not stick to the rules, but it does stick to the road.

    Parallax file sidewall Maxxis HT780 v2
  • Stay for a Long Time

    The Highway will be on the run for a long time thanks to highly reinforced nanoparticles that resist wear and tear. Expect exceptional mileage.

    Parallax file silica Maxxis HT780 v2

Rebel against the ordinary