Maxxis MT772 Razr MT

The tyre with the cult following. The Razr is an untamed beast - rocks and boulders try to get out of its path and the tarmac holds it breath when a Razr travels on it. This tyre goes where it pleases.
Maxxis MT772
Includes shipping, fitting and balancing
Maxxis MT772
  • Extreme durability

    New “Armour Ply” features intertwined reinforcement fibres, dramatically improving casing strength for superior durability and toughness and extreme puncture resistance.

    MT772 Parallax1 Maxxis MT772
  • Extreme traction

    Deeply sculpted tread blocks with two-stepped design for exceptional self-cleaning in mud and clay conditions – so you can get further in the most challenging of off-road conditions.

    MT772 Parallax2 Maxxis MT772
  • Quiet running

    The MT772s tread blocks have been arranged so that they’re not only extremely grippy off road, they’re also very quiet on the highway. Seasoned off-roaders are continually surprised at how quiet the MT772 runs!

    MT772 Parallax3 v2 Maxxis MT772