Vitora Sportlife

Built for a massive range of vehicles. Priced to work for as many drivers as possible. The Sportlife packs modern sports performance into a tyre that offers dependable safety and consistent quality.
Standard option
Vitora SportLife
Includes shipping, fitting and balancing
Sportlife HP
Sports performance tyre offering confident wet and dry grip and maximum road contact in hard cornering, as well as quiet running and low rolling resistance.
  1. Excellent dry handling

    Asymmetric tread pattern with continuous ribs and multiple tread grooves for confident handling. Wide tread contact patch when cornering.

  2. Good wet grip

    Wide water channels with multiple tread grooves quickly drain water away while silica tread compound increases traction.

  3. Lower rolling resistance

    Radiussed tread contour reduces rolling resistance during straight running, while still ensuring a wide footprint during cornering.