Maxam MS951R Agrixtra

An extra hard worker that has all the reinforcements you need to give it a tough time and be sure it'll keep working. And working. And working...
Standard option
Maxam MS951R
  1. Xtra traction

    Lug arrangement designed for high levels of traction in field applications along with good grip and relatively quiet running in road applications.

  2. Xtra comfortable

    Flexible sidewall and radial carcass construction designed for a comfortable ride and reduced driver fatigue.

  3. Xtra stable

    Optimised footprint shape and dimensions mean stable operation and minimal soil compaction.

The MS951R AgriXtra delivers Xtra value, from all-purpose applications to the hardest-working of conditions.
  1. Xtra damage resistant

    Reinforced lug design and belt package for resistance to punctures and damage.

  2. Xtra long wearing

    Long-wearing compound and optimised lug design for even wear and long life.

  3. Xtra high quality finish

    Manufactured and finished to a very high standard of quality and presentation.