Maxxis MA-P5 Mecotra

The next generation of tyre technology has arrived. Triple polymer technology means you get long life, extra grippy performance and fuel-efficient running, all at once.
Standard option
Maxxis MA P5
Includes shipping, fitting and balancing
Maxxis MA P5
  • Smarter fuel consumption

    Triple-polymer construction combines resilient impact response and improved ride comfort with low rolling resistance for economical running.

    Maxxis MA P5
  • Smarter handling

    New high grip performance resin for ultra capable road adhesion and better control in the wet.

    handling v3 Maxxis MA P5
  • Smarter comfort

    Features Maxxis' signature noise reduction tread design technology to reduce unpleasant frequencies and ensure an even quieter ride in the cabin.

    comfort Maxxis MA P5
  • Safer wet grip

    New double-inverted angle shoulder lug design to quickly drain water away and ensure confident grip in the rain.

    wet grip Maxxis MA P5
  • Longer wear

    Refined rubber construction for greater wear resistances and even contact pressure across the tread.

    wear Maxxis MA P5