Maxxis MCV5 VanSmart

The new MCV5 knows a thing or two about hauling loads. With smarter technology it takes in all the performance of its legendary predecessors with even better grip, better fuel economy and longer wear.
Maxxis MCV5
Includes shipping, fitting and balancing
Maxxis MCV5
  • An increased shoulder block width design ensures maximised ground contact for optimal handling, cornering, and braking traction.

    MCV5 Parallax1 Maxxis MCV5
  • A variable depth sipe design ensures excellent aquaplaning resistance, reduces pattern noise, and limits abnormal wear patterns.

    MCV5 Parallax2 Maxxis MCV5
  • Continuous '3D' wave circumferential grooves ensure excellent stone-ejection and self-cleaning properties, and optimal wet weather performance.

    MCV5 Parallax3 Maxxis MCV5
MCV5 PromoImage1

New Bead Construction Technology

An advanced bead construction technology distributes structural stress evenly to ensure reduced heat generation and prolonged tyre life.

MCV5 PromoImage2

New Belt Design

An innovative belt design ensures reduced cap ply stress for minimal heat generation, and maximised tyre durability.

MCV5 PromoImage3 v2

New Compound Design

An innovative compound design ensures reduced heat build-up, increased tread flexibility, and a prolonged tyre life.