Maxxis AT811 Razr AT

Maxxis' newest All Terrain. Fabulous on the highway. Insane off it. This is an All Terrain that will surprise you at how far you'll get… and how much you'll enjoy getting there.
Standard option
Maxxis AT811
Includes shipping, fitting and balancing
AT811 Main v4
All Terrain just got wilder.

The most aggressive looking All Terrain handles everything you throw at it. On road it drives like a beauty but venture off and it snarls, ready to eat rocks and spit sand.
Approach with caution. Drive with everything you’ve got.

AT811 Content2 v2

The AT811’s secret to extreme durability

Dual-cord casing ply features intertwined reinforcement fibres, dramatically improving casing strength for superior durability and toughness.